Church Calendar: Church building closed until further notice due to Coronavirus situation

The Church Calendar can be found below. (We are limiting heavily our future use of gym due to services being in Gym for for-seeable future)
If you’d like to use our gym, please fill out the request below and someone will be in touch.
Note Limitations as of September 2020:
1.Wednesday and Sunday afternoons/nights off limits due to Youth events at RSCC.
2.One team practice per week if approved.
3.Birthday parties are only allowed to be up to max of 4 hours including setup/cleanup.
4. Non-member fees for renting out Family Life Center $200 with $100 of that being a deposit. Deposit will be returned to you upon clean up of facility by the renters.
5.No one may rent the FLC past 8pm due to Church events on Sunday mornings.
Note: RSCC Ministries will always get first priority over any other events

Church Event List

Gym Request Form
Note:  Please note limitations listed above. Your request is not confirmed till you hear back from someone.
          If you want this be reoccurring, you need to state that in comments.